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Wait a minute... GLASS?!?

Image courtesy Fabio FeminÚ

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Fun to fly, bugger to park.What is it with the future and flying cars?  It seems like every time you turn around there's somebody predicting that the local dealers are going to be crammed with them any day now.  I don't know, but as someone who's taken the odd flying lesson, I can't see this thing as being much of a starter.  Besides, look at the cityscape above.  It's not an accident waiting to happen, it's a catastrophe in the making! 


I have to admit, though, that there is a certain charm to this version of the same scene.  The city isn't identified, but I think it's London.  There are, if anything, more aircraft whizzing about like so many gnats, but they are such lightweight gimcrack affairs that you can't help feeling that if they did collide with a building they wouldn't cause much more damage than a box kite.

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